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Eddy Carmack


Phone: (250) 363-6585
Fax: (250) 363-6746
Region: Pacific
Office: Institute of Ocean Sciences

Field(s) of Research:
  • Ocean Climate

Research Description:
My research interests are in the role of continental shelf areas in water mass formation and modification, the mechanisms by which coastal runoff influences regional ocean circulation and climate (especially in the North Pacific and Canadian Arctic), and the formation and behaviour of subsurface water masses in the open ocean and on the continental shelves. I was one of the principal investigators in INPOC a joint Canada/US/Russia project in the N. Pacific.

  1. A major ecosystem shift in the Northern Bering Sea
  2. Brief communications: Nitrogen balance and Arctic throughflow
  3. Climate variability and physical forcing of the food webs and the carbon budget on panarctic shelves
  4. Food webs and physical-biological coupling on pan-Arctic shelves: Unifying concepts and comprehensive perspectives
  5. Joint effects of wind and ice motion in forcing upwelling in Mackenzie Trough, Beaufort Sea
  6. Pacific ocean inflow: influence on catastrophic reduction of sea ice cover in the Arctic Ocean
  7. Arctic system on trajectory to new state
  8. Bering Strait transports from satellite altimetry
  9. Climate change impacts on the Beaufort Shelf landfast ice
  10. Halocline structure in the Canada Basin of the Arctic Ocean
  11. Barotropic and baroclinic tidal currents on the Mackenzie shelf break in the southeastern Beaufort Sea
  12. Penetration of the 1990's warm temperature anomaly of Atlantic water in the Canada Basin
  13. Phytoplankton productivity on the Canadian Shelf of the Beaufort Sea
  14. The joint roles of Pacific and Atlantic-origin waters in the Canada Basin, 1997-1998.
  15. A long term circulation and water mass monitoring program for the Arctic Ocean
  16. Structure and mixing across an Arctic/Atlantic front in northern Baffin Bay
  17. The nested thermohaline structure of Arctic intrusions
  18. The thermohaline structure and evolution of the deep waters in the Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean
  19. Wind-driven shelf/basin exchange on an Arctic shelf: The joint roles of ice cover extent and shelf-break bathymetry
  20. A note on evanescent behaviour of Arctic thermohaline intrusions
  21. Evidence of trapping and amplification of near-inertial motions in a large Anticyclonic Ring in the Oyashio
  22. Freshwater and its sources during the SHEBA drift
  23. Impact of large-scale Arctic circulation and North Water Polyna on nutrient inventories in Baffin Bay
  24. Oceanography of the Canadian Shelf of the Beaufort Sea: A setting for Marine Life
  25. The Canada Basin 1989-1995: Upstream events and far-field effects of the Barents Sea Branch
  26. Water column interleaving: A new physical mechanism determining protist communities and bacterial states
  27. Water column structure and circulation of waters under the North Water during spring transition:April-July 1998.
  28. Water column structure and circulation under the North Water during spring transition: April-July 1998
  29. Arctic Ocean change and consequences to biodiversity: A perspective on linkage and scale
  30. Lunar fortnightly modulation of tidal mixing near Kashevarov bank, Sea of Okhotsk, and its impact on biota and sea ice
  31. Varieties of shallow temperature maximum waters in the western Canadian Basin of the Arctic Ocean
  32. The Arctic Ocean's freshwater budget: Sources, storage and export
  33. Connections among ice, runoff and atmospheric forcing in the Beaufort Gyre
  34. Using the d18O composition in landfast ice as a record of arctic estuarine processes.
  35. Flow variability at the continental shelf break of the Mackenzie Shelf in the Beaufort Sea
  36. Recent changes in the structure of the Oyashio and its fresh core rings
  37. Thermohaline transitions
  38. Wind-forced upwelling. and internal Kelvin wave generation in Mackenzie Canyon, Beaufort Sea.
  39. Changes in temperature and tracer distributions within the Arctic Ocean: Results from the 1994 Arctic Ocean Section
  40. High-latitude oceans and global climate.
  41. Regional carbon dioxide distribution near Kashevarov Bank (Sea of Okhotsk): Effect of tidal mixing
  42. Synoptic flow and density observations near an arctic shelf break
  43. Waters of the Makarov and Canada Basins
  44. Arctic Climate Systems System Study: The Canadian Science Plan
  45. Concentration of pelagic organisms at mesoscale fronts in the western subarctic Pacific: Small fish on long waves.
  46. Modeling deep water renewal in Lake Baikal
  47. Physical and geochemical properties across the Atlantic/Pacific water mass boundary in the southern Canadian Basin
  48. The influence of fresh-core rings on chemical concentrations (CO2, PO4, O2, alkalinity, and pH) in the Western Subarctic Pacific
  49. Wind forcing of Internal Waves in Long Narrow Stratified Lakes.
  50. Evidence for Warming of Atlantic Water in the Southern Canadian Basin of the Arctic Ocean: Evidence from the Larsen-93 Expedition
  51. Recent changes in Arctic Ocean thermohaline structure
  52. The freshwater budget and under-ice spreading of Mackenzie River water in the Canadian Beaufort Sea based on salinity and 18O/16O measurements in water and ice
  53. Children and change: The challenge of parent education in the Russian Federation
  54. Modelling the seasonal cycle of salinity in the Mackenzie shelf/estuary
  55. Sediment Records of Man's activities in the Kootenay Lake drainage basin
  56. The Arctic Ocean and climate: A perspective
  57. The potential of barium as a tracer of arctic water masses
  58. Tritium and Radiocarbon dating of Canada Basin Deep Waters
  59. Zooplankton retained by sequential sediment traps along an Arctic shelf break during winter
  60. Age of Canada Basin deep waters - a way to estimate primary productivity for the Arctic Ocean
  61. Convection in Lake Baikal: an example of the thermobaric instability
  62. Deep water renewal and biological production in Lake Baikal
  63. Some aspects of the large-scale oceanography of the Arctic Ocean influencing biological processes
  64. Large-scale oceanography of polar oceans.
  65. On the rate of heat transfer between a lake and an ice sheet
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