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Lisa Miller


Phone: (250) 363-6673
Fax: (250) 363-6807
Region: Pacific
Office: Institute of Ocean Sciences

Field(s) of Research:
  • Ocean Climate

Research Description:
My primary interest is in the importance of marine biogeochemical cycling of inorganics to global change and planetary evolution. Past projects have included: marine carbon cycling and transport in Arctic waters and their importance in the global carbon cycle; the influence of sea ice and organic microlayers on carbon dioxide transport across the air-sea interface; marine particle cycling, using 234Th:238U disequilibria in seawater in order to understand the mechanisms by which particulate carbon is removed from the water column under varying conditions; offshore transport and carbon cycling in westward-propagating mesoscale eddies in the eastern North Pacific; chemical environmental effects of deep ocean industrial carbon dioxide sequestration; and analytical technique development to determine the extent of transition metal complexation by organics in seawater in order to understand the mechanisms by which biological and geological processes influence trace metal cycling.

  • Ph.D., Chemistry (1994)
    University of California, Santa Cruz
  • B.S., Chemistry (1988)
    Humboldt State University
Centre(s) of Expertise:
  1. CO2 fluxes across the air-sea interface in the southeastern Beaufort Sea: Ice-free period
  2. The distribution and fate of surface-active substances in the sea-surface microlayer and water column.
  3. Gas Fluxes and Dynamics in Polynyas
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