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Simon Jones


Phone: (250) 729-8351
Fax: (250) 756-7053
Region: Pacific
Office: Pacific Biological Station

Field(s) of Research:
  • Aquaculture
  • Aquatic Animal Health
  • Biotechnology/ Genomics

Research Description:
Dr. Jones research falls into three closely related areas associated with infectious disease in fish. Structural and genomic characterization of microbial pathogens assists in identifying the pathogen, provides measures of variability among geographic isolates and allows us to predict how the organism may interact with the host. Secondly, studies are conducted to better understand the type of immune responses elicited by particular fish pathogens. These may be non-specific (e.g. macrophage activity) or specific (serologic and lymphoid-associated) and will differ according to the pathogen in question (virus, bacteria, parasite). Finally, research is directed at the development of immunisation strategies that enhance resistance within a population through the administration of vaccines or immunostimulants. Dr Jones was a senior research scientist in the aquaculture vaccine industry before coming to the Pacific Biological Station.

  • Ph.D. (1990)
Professor at:
  • University of Victoria, Department of Biology.
  • Vancouver Island University
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