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Mike Foreman


Phone: (250) 363-6306
Fax: (250) 363-6306
Region: Pacific
Office: Institute of Ocean Sciences

Field(s) of Research:
  • Physical Oceanography

Research Description:
? coastal circulation modelling; ? biological transport; ? tidal analysis; ? river temperature and flow modelling; ? satellite altimeter analysis; ? data assimilation.

  • Ph.D. Institute of Applied Mathematics (1984)
    University of British Columbia
  • B.Sc. Mathematics and Physics (1971)
    Queen's University
  • M.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics (1973)
    University of Victoria
Professor at:
  • Adjunct Professor, University of British Columbia, 1998-present
  • Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria, 2006-present
  1. Bowhead whales feed on plankton concentrated by estuarine and tidal currents in Academy Bay, Sea of Okhotsk
  2. Dynamic ocean topography for the northeast Pacific and its continental margins
  3. Modeling the generation of the Juan de Fuca Eddy
  4. Resonance and Sea Level Variability in Chesapeake Bay
  5. Spatial variability in annual sea level variations around the Korean peninsula
  6. Wind-driven summertime upwelling in a fjord-type lake and its impact on downstream river conditions: Quesnel Lake and River, British Columbia, Canada
  7. Characterising lake dynamics in a deep fjord lake using sub-pixel temperatures derived from MODIS imagery.
  8. Tidal current energy assessment for Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
  9. Effects of river discharge, temperature, and future climates on energetics and mortality of adult migrating Fraser River salmon.
  10. Estuarine and tidal currents in the Broughton Archipelago.
  11. Tidal energy in the Bering Sea
  12. Forecasting Fraser River flows and temperatures during upstream salmon migration
  13. Inhomogeneous sea level rise in the East/Japan Sea
  14. Modeling the generation of Haida Eddies
  15. Oceanographic connectivity among marine protected areas on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada.
  16. Tidal resonance in Juan de Fuca Strait and the Strait of Georgia.
  17. Transport of surface waters from the Juan de Fuca eddy region to the Washington coast
  18. Altimeter observations of sea-level variability off the west coast of North America
  19. Coastal Oyashio South of Hokkaido, Japan.
  20. M2 tidal dissipation around Vancouver Island: An inverse approach.
  21. Tides and sea-level variability in the south-west Pacific from TOPEX/Poseidon.
  22. Dispersion of discharged ship ballast water in Vancouver Harbour, Juan de Fuca Strait and offshore Washington Coast.
  23. Climate change in the Fraser river watershed: flow and temperature projections
  24. Considerations in the calculation of vertical velocity in three-dimensional circulation models.
  25. European green crab, Carcinus Maenas, dispersal: the Pacific experience
  26. Two-layer tidal modeling of the Yellow and East China Seas with application to seasonal variability of M2 tide
  27. A representation of tidal currents based on energy flux
  28. Horizontal transport of marine organisms resulting from interactions between diel vertical migration and tidal currents off the west coast of Vancouver Island
  29. North Pacific internal tides from the Aleutian Ridge: Altimeter observations and modeling
  30. Ocean tides from TOPEX/Poseidon sea level data
  31. Physical and biological processes over a submarine canyon during an upwelling event
  32. Simulations and Retrospective Analyses of Fraser Watershed Flows and Temperatures
  33. A high-resolution assimilating tidal model for the northeast Pacific Ocean
  34. A three-dimensional mixed finite-difference Galerkin function model for the oceanic circulation in the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea
  35. Current simulations and biological transport for the western continental margin of Vancouver Island.
  36. Environmental influences on the availability of smooth pink shrimp, Pandalus jordani, to commercial fishing gear off Vancouver Island, Canada
  37. Modelling diurnal tides and currents off Vancouver Island
  38. Multi-year meanders and eddies in the Alaska Stream as observed by TOPEX/Poseidon altimete
  39. Numerical modeling of internal tide generation along the Hawaiian Ridge
  40. Seasonal current simulations for the western continental margin of Vancouver Island
  41. Physical Oceanography in Canada, 1995-1998: A Review for the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics
  42. A comparison between rotary velocity spectra from short drifter tracks and a numerical tidal model
  43. A numerical study of circulation driven by mixing over a submarine bank
  44. Sensitivity analyses and modifications to the IOS river temperature model
  45. Tidal correction of TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry for seasonal sea surface elevation and current determination off the Pacific coast of Canada
  46. Variability of tidal currents in a wide strait: A comparison between drifter observations and numerical simulations
  47. Calculation of vertical velocity in three-dimensional, shallow water equation, finite element models
  48. Flow and temperature models for the Fraser and Thompson Rivers
  49. Three-dimensional model simulations of tides and buoyancy currents along the west coast of Vancouver Island
  50. West coast tides during Cascadia subduction zone tsunamis
  51. Estimates of seasonal flushing times for the Southern Georgia Basin
  52. Simulating the transport of an algae bloom off the west coast of Vancouver Island
  53. Three-dimensional model simulations for the north coast of British Columbia
  54. Vertical Velocity Calculation in a Finite Element Model
  55. A tidal model for eastern Juan de Fuca Strait and the southern Strait of Georgia
  56. De-Tiding: Theory and Practice
  57. Oceanographic features off Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Sound in summer
  58. PERD Workshop on Coastal Current Models for Continental Shelves, Kelowna, B.C. June 1-2 1995
  59. Tidal analysis based on high and low water observations.
  60. Manual for tidal currents analysis and prediction.
  61. Manual for tidal heights analysis and prediction
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