COADS. Comprehensive Ocean–Atmosphere Data Set Release 1

  • Date: 1985-04
  • Size (MB): 101


Global marine data observed during 1854–1979, primarily by ships–of–opportunity, have been collected, edited, and summarized statistically for each month of each year of the period, using 2°latitude x 2° longitude boxes. Products now available in a first release from this Comprehensive Ocean Atmosphere Data Set (COADS) include fully quality–controlled (trimmed) reports and summaries. Each of the 70 million unique reports contains 28 elements of weather, position, etc., as well as nags indicating which observations were statistically trimmed. The summaries give 14 statistics, such as the median and mean, for each of eight observed variables of air and sea surface temperatures, wind, pressure, humidity, and cloudiness, plus 11 derived variables. Relatively noisy (untrimmed) individual reports and summaries (giving 14 statistics for each of the eight observed variables) are available for investigators who prefer their own quality control. Two other report forms,inventories, and decade–month summaries are among the other data products available. FORTRAN 77 software available to help read ”packed binary” data products and processing details, such as the method of identifying duplicate reports, are also described.


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