Statistical description of the East Coast directional wave climate using 10–parameter spectra

  • Date: 1994-03
  • Size (MB): 62


Ten parameter model spectra were fit by MEDS to the three years of archived ODGP directional wave spectra from 53 locations in the Western North Atlantic. There were acceptable fits for over 93% of the records. Empirical orthogonal function and factor analyses were used to identify six regions, encompassing locations having a high degree of covariability, to allow for an assessment of regional behaviour. A statistical analysis was performed on annual, winter and fall data for the individual, regionally grouped and all combined locations. This consisted of a probability analysis on the model fit parameters, the development of a family of directional spectra, having known confidence levels, and the establishment of predictive relationships between the fit parameters and significant wave height. A set of probability directional wave spectra, chosen to represent a desired spatial scale, can now be generated for any input significant wave height as required by the given application.


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