Parameterization of directional spectra

  • Date: 1989-03
  • Size (MB): 2.2


High–resolution directional wave spectra, obtained from a WAVEC buoy moored on the Grand Banks in 1984, were modelled using various directional parameterizations. Consistent with most approaches in the literature, a two–part parameterization was attempted. Initially, the Ochi and Hubble (1976) six–parameter amplitude model (OH model) was fitted to the data amplitude spectrum. Parameterization of the directional component was then examined using a basic two–parameter cosine–power model upon which various limitations on the parameters were introduced. The model was assessed by its ability to reproduce the data spectrum based on a least–squares residual statistic. A 10–parameter model, for which the amplitude and direction parameters were fitted simultaneously, was then developed as an extension to the OH model. It was shown to outperform any equivalent, two–part parameterization and could acceptably reproduce over 90% of the data records.


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