Format of the Co and Quad File

Record #1:  Main Header Record

Sort Key, Sequence Number, Station Number, Tape Number, Station Name,  Latitude,  Longitude,  Number of Records in File,  Burst Sampling  Rate,  Start Time,  Day,  Month and Year (UTC),  Instrument  Type,  Time Zone,  Magnetic Declination, Water Depth in Meters, Comments.

Format (1X,A15,A2,I4,I3,20A1,2(I3,F5.1,A1), I4,F5.2,I4, I3,4A1,3I2,F5.1,A1,F6.1,32A1)

Note :  Number of records in file and comments are not used.

Record #2:  Individual Header Records  (4 records)

Line 1:

Sort Key, Sequence Number, Record Number, Starting Time, Julian, Day,  Location of Wind Data, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Number of Blocks Averaged, Block Length in Seconds, Data Quality Flag, Description of Data Quality,  Interval Between Burst Samples in Hours.

Format (1X,A15,A2,I4,I5,I3,20A1,2F5.1,I3,F6.1,A2,20A1,F5.1)

Line 2:

Zeroth Spectral Moment,  First Spectral Moment, Second Spectral Moment,   Fourth  Spectral  Moment,  Significant  Wave  Height, Peakedness Parameter,  Spectral  Minimum  (m**2/hz),  Period of  SPMIN (sec),  Spectral  Maximum  (m**2/hz),  Peak Period (sec).

Line 3:

Minimum Wave Height (m),  N-S Slope of Minimum Wave,  E-W Slope of Minimum Wave,  Maximum Wave Height (m), N-S Slope of Maximum Wave, E-W Slope of Maximum Wave, Minimum N-S Slope, Minimum E-W Slope,  Maximum  N-S Slope.

Line 4:

Maximum E-W Slope,  Minimum Slope,  Maximum Slope, Direction of Peak Energy,  Spectral Width Parameter, Average Period, Average Apparent  Period,  Apparent Crest Period,  Spectral  Narrowness Parameter.

Format (1X,A15,A2,10E11.4)

Record #3:  Waves Data Records  (64 records)

Frequency  Number   1  to  64,   Frequency,   Spectral  Density (M**2/hz)(C011 Value), C022 Estimate (Spectral Density from the NS Slope),  C033 Estimate (Spectral Density from the EW Slope), QD12 Estimate (Quad-Spectral Value between Heave and NS Slope), QD13 Estimate (Quad-Spectral Value between Heave and EW Slope), C023 Estimate (Co-Spectral Value beween NS and EW Slope),  Mean Direction at this Frequency,  Angular Spread at this Frequency, Cosine spread factor at this frequency.

Format (1X,A15,A2,1X,I2,9E11.4,F8.2)