Acronyms and Definitions

Acronym Definition
ARBI Arbitrary
ADST Atlantic Daylight Standard Time
AST Atlantic Standard Time, Z+4
CGVD28 Canadian Geodetic Vertical Datum 1928 adjustment
CD2000 Chart Datum 2000
CD Chart Datum
CDST Central Daylight Standard Time
CST Central Standard Time, Z+6
DPWD Department of Public Works
EDST Eastern Daylight Standard Time
EST Eastern Standard Time, Z+5
GEOD Geodetic Survey of Canada
GSC Geodetic Survey of Canada
GST Greenland Standard Time
GMT Greewich Mean Time
IGLD55 International Great Lakes Datum 1955
IGLD85 International Great Lakes Datum 1985
MDST Mountain Daylight Standard Time
MST Mountain Standard Time, Z+7
NDST Newfoundland Daylight Standard Time
NST Newfoundland Standard Time, Z+3 1/2
PDST Pacific Daylight Standard Time
PN Permanent Non-Operating
PO Permanent Operating
PST Pacific Standard Time, Z+8
TN Temporary Non-Operating
TO Temporary Operating
UTC Universal Time Co-ordinated
SNDG Sounding Datum
UNKN Unknown
USLS1903 United States Lake Survey 903 adjustment