Tables and Columns

station_number A six-digit number normally referred to as the "MEDS" station number. Presently "MEDS" station numbers are only 5 digits, the six digit field will allow for future expansion. NUMBER (6)
Foreign Key
benchmark_number A 16-character field to indicate the identification stamped on the physical monument. VARCHAR2 (16)
Foreign Key
unique_number An 8 character NRCan style unique identifier for the monument. NUMBER (6)
status A field to identify whether the following elevation is "Active" or "Historical" in reference to the datum_name. VARCHAR2 (16)
check list
datum_name A name that will be associated with this datum of elevations. VARCHAR2 (16)
elevation The elevation of the monument referenced to the "datum_name". NUMBER (8,3)
holding_benchmark A Yes/No indicator as to whether the "elevation" is used as a holding benchmark for the "datum_name". VARCHAR2 (16) Default value NO
check list

Status Check List: ACTIVE or HISTORICAL

Holding_benchmark Check List: YES or NO

Note: For a unique station number and benchmark number there can be multiple entries for each of the datum names although only one can be active.