National Contaminants Information System (NCIS)

The National Contaminants Information System was begun as part of the Department's Green Plan. The NCIS is a computerized warehouse of information on toxic chemicals in fish, other aquatic life and their habitats. It was built to help manage the growing base of data and information.

The NCIS recognizes that different people have different information needs. Some require administrative information about projects and people. For these, the NCIS maintains a Directory containing information about projects, and the people involved in them. Other people need access to summary information about archived data. For these, there is the Inventory of data holdings describing where, when and what data and information exist. Finally, some people require the observations themselves. For these, there exist the Archives.

Changes since the last update

  • Public and Private site redesigned
  • WebCIS Archive Explorer installed
  • WebCIS made accessible to the public
  • Server Information updated
  • Contacts updated

More Information

For more information about the NCIS including a description of how the system works, questions that it is intended to answer and contacts: