Surface Drifter Data

These data sets have been supplied to OSD by the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorology Laboratory in Miami. Data files have been prepared in a compressed comma separated file with the format description in each file. Each file contains all of the buoy data from a particular ocean basin and year. A map of the basins is shown below.

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Data files are divided into these Ocean basins

Map of basins Arctic / Arctique Indian / Indien Pacific / Pacifique Atlantic / Atlantique

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  • To compare AOML data to OSD data, the buoy id/number is assigned
    differently. When recycling buoy numbers, AOML's convention is to
    add a 2 digit qualifier to the original generic buoy number to indicate
    the year the buoy stopped reporting. AOML adds the qualifier as a prefix
    while OSD reverses this and adds the qualifier as a suffix for easier use
    within its processing system. For example AOML buoy id 9712345 is
    represented in OSD as 1234597.