Code List

Code Description
Parameter codes Codes used to represent measured and instrument variables and their units.
Activity codes These record the actions taken against a unit of data.
ARGO reference table 5 An ARGO reference code table.
Availability codes These indicate how widely or readily the data may be distributed
Country codes A list of 2-character country codes used in specifying the origin of received data.
Data type codes A list of 2-character codes to describe the instrumentation origins of the data.
Datum codes Used in the tides and water level data system to describe the datums for the measurements.
Digit codes A code that describes the method by which original data are transformed into digital values.
Drogue codes Used in handling drifting buoy data to describe the type of drogue.
Institutes codes These describe the codes used for various Institutes.
Instrument type codes A more precise code (than data_type) to describe the instrument used in the collection of the data
Measurement techniques codes Currently used within our tide and water level processing to indicate the type of gauging used.
Process codes These are used in the data systems to provide a tracking of the software through which data have passed. In the ocean system these are also called PRC_CODES.
Region codes They are the Canadian provinces or of the foreign areas where we have data on the levels of water.
QValue codes These are the quality flags used to describe the validity of a measurement.
Reference temperature codes These describe how surface reference temperatures have been collected.
Sampling techniques codes These describe the sampling technique for collecting measurements.
ICES Ship Reference Codes (External site) Ship Reference Codes Vocabulary from the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
Source id codes These indicate the source of the data.
Standard codes These describe the accuracy to which measurements have been made.
Stream identification codes These are shorter forms of the Source_ID codes used in processing real-time data.
Stream source codes These are used to indicate the originating data stream when data from different processing streams are combined.
U Flag code This is used to indicate the action to be performed by archive update software