Normal SST Field

We present a climatological field of daily sea-surface temperature (SST) for eastern Canadian waters (40-52º N and 40-75º W) with a spatial resolution of 0.175º (~13.6 km east-west and ~19.5 km north-south).

The field was generated using the results of a three-terms harmonic analysis performed on NOAA-JPL's AVHRR weekly global 18km MCSST (Miami) dataset, using data from 1981 to 2000.

At a given location, we define the normal SST as the sum of the mean SST and the amplitudes of the annual, semi-annual (6 months) and triannual (4 months) harmonics of SST, whose phases are determined by the time of the year. The time and space dependent SST field is thus defined as follows (T):

t Time coordinate
x,y Spatial coordinates
A0 Mean SST
A1, A2, A3 SST Annual, semiannual and triannual harmonic amplitudes
ϕ1, ϕ2, ϕ3 SST Annual, semiannual and triannual harmonic phases
ω(fundamental frequency) π/365 d

The analysis was conducted at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. (For details: Ouellet, M., B. Petrie and J. Chassé. 2003. Temporal and spatial scales of sea-surface temperature variability in Canadian Atlantic waters. Can. Tech. Rep. Hydrogr. Ocean Sci. 228: v + 30 p).

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