Gulf Stream and Shelf/Slope Fronts

Data Files

Monthly mean positions of the Gulf Stream "north wall" and Shelf/Slope Water boundary between 50W and 75W have been derived from weekly frontal maps based on satellite imagery. Note that starting in 1996, the product stopped analysis at 50ºW to 54º W. The data at 55ºW is questionable since it falls at the edge of the chart. There is also a data gap from October 1995 to April 1996, the product was discontinued during this period. The source of the data is NOAA (1980-1995), Jennifer Clark (1996 = April 2005) and Naval Oceanographic Office (U.S.) (since May 2005), with images from John Hopkins University's Applied Physics Lab Ocean Remote Sensing "Stormwatch" program as interpretation guide.

Seasonal Cycle of Surface Temperature Anomalies Positions

50 degree anomaly 51 degree anomaly 52 degree anomaly 53 degree anomaly 54 degree anomaly 55 degree anomaly 56 degree anomaly 57 degree anomaly 58 degree anomaly 59 degree anomaly 60 degree anomaly 61 degree anomaly 62 degree anomaly 63 degree anomaly 64 degree anomaly 65 degree anomaly 66 degree anomaly 67 degree anomaly 68 degree anomaly 69 degree anomaly 70 degree anomaly 71 degree anomaly 72 degree anomaly 73 degree anomaly 74 degree anomaly 75 degree anomaly
Anomaly seasonal cycle map

Mean Position of Surface Temperature Anomalies

The time series for anomalies can be viewed by clicking on the longitudinal segment or selecting from the list below.

anomaly timeseries map

Position Anomalies of Surface Temperature Anomalies

Position anomalies were calculated by removing the seasonal cycle pictured above. Position anomaly time series may be viewed by clicking on the longitude segments on the map above, or in the table below.

Position of anomalies time series segments
50° anomaly
51° anomaly
52° anomaly
53° anomaly
54° anomaly
55° anomaly
56° anomaly
57° anomaly
58° anomaly
59° anomaly
60° anomaly
61° anomaly
62° anomaly
63° anomaly
64° anomaly
65° anomaly
66° anomaly
67° anomaly
68° anomaly
69° anomaly
70° anomaly
71° anomaly
72° anomaly
73° anomaly
74° anomaly
75° anomaly

Filtered Position of Surface Temperature Anomalies

A low pass filter (1/2 power at 15 months) has been applied to remove annual cycles from the monthly data.

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