Freshwater Runoff / East Coast Drainage Basins

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Hudson Bay

Source : Loucks, R.H. and R.E. Smith. 1995. Hudson Bay and Ungava Bay runoff and ice-melt 1963-1992. Can. Contract. Rep. Hydrogr. Ocean Sci. 45:x + 73 pp.

Data no longer updated since June 1992

St. Lawrence River

Source : Physical Modelling Section, Maurice Lamontagne Institute

Data updated monthly at the St. Lawrence Global Observatory. The monthly mean run off is estimated using a one dimensional model using the method described in the reference: Bourgault, D., and V.G. Koutitonsky, 1999. Real-Time Monitoring of the Freshwater Discharge at the Head of the St. Lawrence Estuary. ATMOSPHERE-OCEAN, 37, 203-220.

Saint John River

Source : Environment Canada, Meteorological Service of Canada

Data no longer updated since December 1999

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